What We’ve Been Up To – November 2022

by | November 17, 2022

Our team has done some amazing work these last few months and we felt like we should give the world an opportunity to check it out.

PE Site & Swag

Brand Update X Website Redesign and Development X Swag Packages

In May of this year we brought everyone together for an all hands week of planning, ideating, spending time together as a team. Someone also thought it was a good idea to launch a new updated site along with swag for the team… Was it a bad idea, nah… but it was a rush to the finish line. Either way I couldn’t be any prouder of the work our team did. We relaunched the Pathos Ethos Website as a multi-site to help explain further the idea that we have been working on to  create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups using our experience to help build products and bring them to market.

Influenced by much of the design and brand work we do at Pathos we wanted the swag to reflect our values, our work, and our history. We incorporated some phrases in Korean so pay homage to the founders.

Launching FFI – Multilingual site

Brand Update X Website Redesign and Development

Friendship Force, a not-for-profit organization curates and facilitates experiences and journeys to transform ourselves and others.

We’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with the team over at FFI to help rethink and create a new website that would serve to highlight their work and also attract new members. Because they are a global organization one of the most important aspects of the website was that it would multi-lingual, so we launched the site with 6 languages and have an additional 3 to add in.


Brand X Website Design and Development X Email Campaigns X Eventbrite Integration

FoundIt is a new program from The Christensen Family Center for Innovation at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering aimed at supporting and growing a diverse and inclusive innovation and technology ecosystem in our region. We were challenged to create a brand and a website in a matter of weeks in order to begin funneling leads and contacts for the virtual events put together by the program.

BetterOn Video Platform

Built Using No-Code Tools

BetterOn, a local media consultant offering presence training using video, needed a solution to expand their training from 1-1 or 1-a few, to 1-many. We used Bubble.io as the tool and built a video recording and reflection platform for their cohorts.

Fluence Sweepstakes Campaign

Website Design and Development X Marketing Campaign

Fluence develops growing lights for cultivators. We were able to partner with their ad-buying team to create a landing page which served to route potential leads to sign up to win one of their new lighting products.

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