The first episode of the People for Products podcast features Isaac Park, Co-Founder and CEO of Pathos Ethos. Isaac shares what product strategy is and how all innovators can leverage product strategy no matter their industry.

Notable timestamps:

  • What is Pathos Ethos? – timestamp: 1:34
  • Isaac’s story of how he got started – timestamp: 2:53
  • How Pathos Ethos got started – timestamp: 4:07
  • How PE became a product strategy studio – timestamp: 5:00
  • Who did the name “People for Products” come about? – timestamp: 7:23
  • How does Pathos Ethos define “product”? – timestamp: 11:25
  • What matters most: a great product or great branding? – timestamp: 19:32
  • How does product strategy relate to business model? – timestamp: 21:52
  • How can service businesses, nonprofits, etc. think about and leverage product strategy in their work? – timestamp: 23:38
  • Isaac’s core takeaway – timestamp: 27:39

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